Author: Manny Alvarez

During the football season, we will recognize super fans. Now, who qualifies as a super fan? A super fan would consist of someone who attends a multiple amount of games for the school they love. They may even be a special assistant coach. Normally, these fans are well known and loved in their community. The community may know them well, but what they do with passion and love is deserving of recognition. Let us know if you have a Super Fan that would love to have an article written about them. Follow us on Twitter @SoCalSections and let us know.
Did you really think I totally forget about football season? While giving student sections, bands, cheer, super fans and announcers their due credit, I will talk sports on here. I will be writing for various newspapers and websites. Look for me here: the Orange County Register, SoCal Sidelines, JBA League (which is operated by Big Baller Brand) and the Daily Pilot. Week after week, you'll get to find out what is in my head, or my world, in sports. Follow my little world and read my odd opinions right here.
It took awhile, but the student section finally has it's own platform. After covering the best student sections on, yours truly has given the best of the best student sections their own website. Like we did last year at SoCal Sidelines, we will name the BEST student sections in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire and San Diego region followed by the best student section in Southern California week after week. The football season will end with Top 20 rankings for each region and the Top 20 SoCal Rankings. This is where we need your help. Social Media, mainly Twitter, will be your friend. Let us know week after week who is the best student section in SoCal. Show us your videos and photos. Tweet us and let us know that you're the...